18 Shake Safe and Effective is this Product

The 18 Shake is meal replacement formula, meant to help you lose considerable weight. You just replace the shake with your meals so as to reduce calorie intake while still getting the same nutrients. It is easy to use and easy to make. It also has a good taste to it. The 18Shake is gluten and soy free. Each serving has a 90 calorie count. When using 18 shake you really do not need to exercise even though it would have be a great accelerator to the weight-loss new regime.
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The 18 Shake is meal replacement formula manufactured by the 18 Nutrition Company. They claim their product was developed behind years of research and hard work. They also claim that 18 Shake was developed by a group of nutritionist enthusiasts and weight-loss specialists. They claim that their product is safe for consumption as it is naturally sweetened with all the necessary nutrients and with no artificial flavors.

Working Process and the Ingredients List of 18 Shake The 18 Shake works dependent slowly on the performance of its ingredients. They include the following Duo-Protein Formula (Whey Concentrate and Whey Isolate) Proteins take long and a lot of energy to digest metabolize and use. will result in burning of more calories and a longer period of feeling full

Acts as appetite suppressant. This will prevent pesky food cravings and thus lower calorie intake. Vitamins and Minerals
Iodine � Boosts metabolism B-Vitamins � Boosts energy production Chromium � Boosts insulin, burning of carbohydrates and lowers hunger feelings Vitamin C � Lower levels of bad cholesterols and triglycerides.