18 Shake is a weight loss meal replacement shake

It�s also suggested to help with increasing energy and producing fast weight loss, all with zero artificial additives, colors, or preservatives. There�s both chocolate and vanilla available, and the company offers a 30-day full money back guarantee. Though it sounds impressive, is this shake really the solution to weight loss? What have customers experienced as far as results and taste? You�ll see in this review why this meal replacement shake surprised our review team.

The great benefit of whey protein has been shown in many studies. It�s not only a quality source of amino acids, but it�s easy to digest and has some health benefits for building a stronger immune system.

The stevia in 18Shake also provides just 1 gram of sugar per serving. This is important for not just regulating blood sugar, but for preventing any issues with weight gain. High sugar is often added to some shakes to give it a good taste, but this has no benefit other than flavoring. Stevia is around 150 times sweeter than regular sugar; it can provide a sweet taste without the negative impact of other sweeteners.

There�s also digestive resistant maltodextrin that has been shown to be good for gut bacteria. It also is less likely to produce gas or bloating than any other common fiber sources. This is an important fiber that can help promote healthy digestion and appetite suppression.

The high quality protein, fiber, sweetener, and blend of vitamins and minerals make this shake stands out from other meal replacements.So this can help you when you�re exercising to keep lean muscle growth stable. When losing weight it�s possible to not just lose fat, but also muscle. When dieting whey can help avoid this potential problem.

Whey is the most amino acid rich source out of all proteins, surpassing plant protein and soy in terms of all around nutrition. You can find more information about 18shake here. Made from the stevia plant, this sweetener is used to substitute sugar. www.dietsinreview.com to it providing no calories, it�s good for dieting. It has virtually no effect on blood sugar levels, so it�s a much more effective sweetener than artificial sugars, sucrose, fructose, or others.