Advantages Of Pre Engineered Wood Flooring

In support of starters, engineered wood lumber tends to be deeper ingrained than regular solid hard wood floors. It can also be installed over most jobs – concrete slab, well known wood floors, ceramic tile, etc. This certainly should make it attractive to someone seeking to put in a flooring with as little danger as possible.

New advances have made it feasible to put real teak wood as the top degree of each engineered cedar planks. This makes engineered flooring almost indistinguishable from typical solid wood flooring. Must also means less wood is for each plank. Or perhaps better, the finishes by simply the factory are for the most part more durable than a stop you would apply for yourself if you were accessing solid plank flooring.

Since the finishes might be applied at the factory, that means you has the capability to avoid all the mess, extra time and smells associated with applying personalized finish. You also should not worry about sanding potentially taping plastic sheets down all over your domicile. With engineered wood flooring, you can walk attached to it as soon as involved with installed. There is simply no waiting period, it’s moment gratification. And you are not required to stain it!

Athena Contracts employs multiple coats of end up on each wood cedar plank which dries to a substantially harder protective layer than finish you would relate yourself. This added barrier means less maintenance in order to over the years. What’s more, it means engineered floors may scratch resistant than fantastic flooring. If you feature kids or pets, created wood flooring is certainly likely your best investment. It can save you time up front and the life of the ground.

Engineered flooring offers strength, ease of use, and appears that rival solid hardwood flooring. In many cases the cost of specially engineered flooring is comparable to it of real plank wood material. You can’t ask for anything better.