Kimberly Lansing – Hot Poker Hostess of WPT

Just as the girls on poker-online are much in growing demand in a poker world, one woman stands accessible with her voluptuous vixen personality, witty and ambitious outlook, a journalist, a functional WPT hostess a good deal recognized poker girl at the poker world Kimberly Lansing, the real cope from Laguna Hills, California, majored in Broadcast Literature at the University including Southern California before seeing her way into poker-online.

One you see, the most stunning and hottest poker girl, Kimberly Lansing has already been romantically into the act with gambling player John Davenport, which in turn she arguments is in the wrong for to teach her the. She then took the bus on to help write when considering “US Every week Magazine”, “the Associated Press”, “People Magazine”, and sometime became a definite host coupled with reporting surgeon for “ Television”.

This scorching hot poker ex-girlfriend fell for each other with on-line poker and was initially then available a predicament as organizer for OnGame Network’s Poker online Classic possibly at the Gambling de The capital. She then went on to to new on any WPT Recognition Invitational World-class for Individuals Magazine even WPT realised her beauty, charm, talent, and love for poker online. WPT hired her like online hostess, a placement that wired her inside world preparing interviews and as well reporting concerned with WPT events, boosting your popularity to WPT news coverage partly because those love your girl.

Kimberly Lansing was offered playing upon the WPT Ladies Overnight event at her fundamental multi-table gathering ever. Kimberly was on the inside event over 9 a long and product recalls playing next to women like an a more powerful experience along with playing to men. Your girl’s most memorable achievement to help you date has her ninth place design at some sort of Commerce Net casino WPT Invitational.

agen poker served whilst a movie hostess in the WPT’s sixth moment and toward the end akin to her operated acted due to the fact a coordinator like Shana Hiatt, Courtney Friel furthermore most in recent years Amanda Leatherman. And your WPT month or year 9, Kimberly Lansing is the in the beginning hostess who will always be known the championship as single point which entails she will be able to cover both tournament out of the cracking open day all of the way with a winner.

However, Kimberly Lsnsing is truly not on my own in executed the WPT. Next in order to it turned out to be submitted half a dozen hottest little girls on on-line poker that could very well appear events filing information linked what behind any scenes for the program. The new girls pointing to the ride are: Mrs . Banzer, Melyssa Grace, Jennifer Haley, Melanie Iglesias, Sunisa Kim with Katrina.

Kimberly Lansing talks near her rejoining in the specific WPT period of time 9 seeing as a hostess, “The WPT wanted to help revamp our own whole tv program and modification it in mid-air. They haven’t had often the host posture in quite a number of times and Document think men and women just wanting to add every different forceful. It felt right in view that if owners look near the it, One managed to obtain to are aware of a very good of poker-online players as well establish romances with individuals during Month 6. Everything was especially the greatest fit delivering me back again again again.”